We are a full service asphalt and paving company with variety of up-to-date equipment. Our expertise includes asphalt, paving, site preparation and grading requirements. We install and maintain commercial parking lots and roadways in shopping malls, homebuilders, office buildings, subdivisions, apartment complexes and storage facilities.


We can lay asphalt over any new or existing construction for many years of trouble free maintenance. Patch and removal is a general maintenance procedure to prolong deteriorated surfaces.

SealCoat: The sealer prevents oxidation from hot summer month's exposure, thereby prolonging the life of your asphalt up to three (3) times its life expectancy. Non-treated surfaces harden and lose there Resiliency. Line striping is also a specialty of Bravo Paving & Sealcoating, Inc.

In one single operation, we pulverize existing asphalt pavement, mix it with the existing ABC base course, and prepare a solid foundation for the new asphalt pavement surface. This is designed for badly stressed larger surfaces as an economical alternative to removal.

Site Preparation: We can finish grade to your specifications on new and existing projects. Grading isan intricate part of pulverizing and larger removal to insure best possible water flow.
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